Family Zone lets kids be kids - and empowers parents to be parents

With Family Zone, your children won’t miss out on the online fun and learning that’s so much a part of their lives. They’ll simply be shielded from risks and potential harms. With our strong yet flexible parental controls, you can easily:


of teens say they're on their phones at night when their parents think they're asleep

2 hours

The maximum amount of recreational screen time that the Australian government recommends


of today's children get insufficient sleep

6 out of 10

Australian parents say their children spend too much time online.


of teens have experienced cyberbullying

Test 3

Test 3

Every device protected everywhere

At Home

Protect and manage every device that connects to your home WiFi, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, PCs and even guest devices.

On the go

Choosing a device that suits your needs can be daunting. A preowned Google Pixel can tick all of your boxes - beautiful hardware, great battery life, beautiful camera...

At school

Family Zone works seamlessly with school filtering. Settings can be applied to manage learning devices and personal smartphones, tablets and laptops wherever children use them.

Our experts have your back

With Family Zone, you can tap into an exclusive brainstrust: a renowned team of child psychologists, educators and law enforcement professionals who are specialists in the online world and its impact on our children.

Pete Brown

As a high school IT teacher I’ve seen the worst of what kids’ exposure to the cyber world can do. This is why I recommend Family Zone as it provides a universal and affordable level of control for parents.

- Pete Brown

Cyber Safety Solutions

Simple and easy to use, Family Zone provides schools and parents with a range of options to ensure they are meeting their duty of care and to allow children to understand safe and respectful technology use.

- Susan McLean


There is no doubt that protecting and regulating our kids’ online activity is one of the major challenges of today. I urge all parents to engage in their kids’ online world. Installing parental controls is a key step forward.

- Susan McLean

Internet Safe Education

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- Brett Lee



Test 2

Test 2

Parents love Family Zone

You guys deserve medals! We have got our son back from a downward spiral. My son is actually doing his homework now. We can’t thank you enough, this is what technology should be used for - to benefit the entire family. A truly amazing transformation. You have my complete admiration.

- Kevin Hobson, Australia

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