Who Says Your Kids Shouldn't Have a Smartphone?

We live in a world of technology and whether we like it or not it affects the lives of virtually everyone. When it comes to communication the technology that is behind it has opened up doors for all walks of life. One that fits into this category is the Smartphone. As amazing as what this is, there is still a lot of people who question as to whether they really need to invest in this type of communication device.


Should Kids Have a Smartphone?

There are many that say kids have no need to be carrying around a phone 24/7. Which those kids that do have a phone such as this often do. It becomes their best friend. Those against this use the argument that it is too much of a distraction. It may be if there are not some basic rules assigned to the ownership of the phone, but the benefits far outweigh this one negative aspect.


Communication as a Valuable Tool

Kids with a Smartphone have learned to use communication as a valuable tool. As a result of access to a mobile form of communication, the youth are learning to maximize their time. They can communicate with friends and classmates and exchange information in a far faster format than what one can do without a device such as a Smartphone.


The Smartphone as an Information Resource

They can use their Smartphone as a resource for tapping into the internet when on the go. Again, another huge time saver and one that allows them to excel at being able to gather needed knowledge in the most efficient way possible.


Parent and Child Bonding

The Smartphone can be attributed to creating closer bonds between the kids and their parents. Kids are far more apt to send a text message or make a quick call to their parents to let them know where they are. The question of "do you know where your children are?" is one that parents whose children have Smartphones can answer with a resounding Yes! It is because the kids and parents have a resource that keeps them linked to each other no matter where they may be.


Building Responsibility

The Smartphone can be used as a tool for instilling responsibility. There are costs associated with the Smartphone. The initial cost is the purchase of the phone itself. Then the ongoing costs are for the membership plan.

Parents can make the initial investment into an excellent refurbished Smartphone. Then the kids can take on the responsibility for paying for their share of the plan. They can either pay for this through working part-time or by doing designated chores around the home. Instead of getting an allowance they are paying for their cell phone usage.  What has happened here is the Smartphone has now become an educational tool as well as a communication tool.