Which iPhone is best for your family members?

What are the best iPhones to suit each family member's needs

Trying to figure out which iPhone may be best for your son, sister or husband? There are so many options available, it's a little overwhelming. That's why we're here to narrow it down to a few options and advise you on which ones might suit each family member:


iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s is the perfect device for your Grandma, Grandpa or an older parent who isn't too tech-friendly. 

iPhones are great because they give you the beauty of synchronicity, allowing anyone who uses it to be part of a group "iMessage" or Facetime their loved ones all in just a few clicks. To integrate that older family member (who's probably still using an old-school Nokia or flip phone) into the digi-world, we recommend starting them off with the compact iPhone 4s. This device has a clear retina display and basic features that are simple to grasp and navigate. With its sturdy design, the 4s will be easier to grip for slippery fingers, a good option especially transitioning from an older brick phone!


iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c is the perfect for: Youth/teenager.

This iPhone has a high-quality A6 chip, giving it a high-functioning ability, yet still having the basic features needed for any young person's first phone. With a range of smaller storage capacities, including 8, 16 and 32gb, the device is great for anyone looking for an affordable option that isn't too flashy or complicated. If you're hesitant to spend a lot on an iPhone for you child as you may regret it, get a 5c. A 5c is starting from only $199 on Cellect.com.au, you won't find it anywhere else!


iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s is a great mid-range iPhone that everybody is going to love, especially Teenagers and Uni students who are still living on pocket money! During its prime, which is nearly 3 years ago, the 5s was considered the best iPhone. It features a great camera and the TouchID fingerprint sensor that everyone got so excited about. Apple has recently stopped selling and manufacturing iPhone 5s, so this is the best time to grab a 5s for cheap with Cellect, as they may soon disappear!


iPhone 6

Perfect device for: Anyone (probably except those with tiny hands!). The iPhone 6 delivers a spacious and crisp 4.7 inch screen. The 8 megapixel camera has an improved autofocus, and the storage was bumped-up to 128 Gb. This is great for anyone who takes a lot of photos and videos, as the picture quality is superb. The only 2 negatives of iPhone 6 are the average battery life and the price points ($929 on Apple store). But if you could buy an iPhone 6 with $599 at near perfect condition, would you?