Save the World - With Your Phone

You know you can do a lot with your phone, from checking email to taking selfies and calling mom to ask how to cook lasagna. But did you know you could also impact your community from the palm of your hand?

1) Charity Miles

Why not let your workouts perform double duty? Pick one of the numerous charity partners available on the app and track your workouts - both inside and outdoors - to help channel funds towards a cause you care about.

2) Happy Cow

Eating a plant based diet is one of the best ways that any individual can decrease their carbon footprint and fight climate change. Happy Cow makes that easy by allowing you to search for vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants near you - complete with reviews and pictures of yummy, cruelty free food.

3) Forest

Does you phone usually distract you from getting things done? Download Forest and gain an incentive not to flip through your apps, all while raising money. The longer you stay present, the more is donated to Trees for The Future. You also get to grow your own cute little forest on your phone.

4) Donate a Photo

Pick a cause, upload a photo and Johnson & Johnson will donate $1. So maybe those hours taking pictures of your green smoothie weren’t wasted after all.

5) Charity Tap

Fighting world hunger is now as simple as repeatedly tapping your phone screen. Every time you tap your phone, a grain of rice is donated to United Nations World Food Programme. You’re going to do it anyway, why not do it for a cause?

6) Walk for a Dog

If your goal in life is to pet all of the dogs, this app is for you. Just turn on the app when you’re going to walk your own furry friend and raise money for local animal charities.

7) One Today

Google has jumped into the make a difference with an app game. The app makes it easy to donate small amounts quickly to your favorite charities. Share your donations to inspire others to pay it forward as well. Remember that every bit counts!

8) SharetheMeal

Another chance to fight world hunger with a simple tap. Every day tap your phone and the United Nations World Food Programme works to feed a child (amazingly it only costs the $0.50 USD). You can also share a food snap if you want to get more involved.