How Your Phone Can Make You a Better University Student

Sure, professors are always telling you to stay off your phone during class - and maybe your parents are too, but did you know your phone can actually help you make the grade? Here are some apps that will help you become the best university student you can be.

Quizlet - There are lots of flashcard-style studying apps out there, but Quizlet is the most user-friendly and has a large variety of functions to help you learn for any class. Not only can you make your own flashcards, but there are also thousands of public decks for any subject you can think of.

Wolfram Alpha - Need some help with math or science? Wolfram Alpha can help you out by solving tricky problems for you. Perfect for those extra tricky problems or for checking your assignments.

EasyBib - So you’ve spent hours on that term paper, only to realize that you still have to put in all of your citations. EasyBib makes it easy - you can even scan books for automatic citations when using the app!

Sleep If You Can - If you keep sleeping through early morning classes, this one is for you. Not only is the alarm super annoying, but you can only turn it off by going to the shown location and taking a picture.

Wunderlist - One of the hardest things about university is balancing your schedule. Between classes, clubs and your social life there’s always way too much going on. Wunderlist helps you to keep track of everything you need to do with multiple to-do lists. Add deadlines and reminders and keep track on your phone (or online if you need to check it out during class).

Duolingo - If you struggle to make time to study for language courses, or just want to learn a new language on the side this app is for you. It has many language options to choose from and reminds you to study daily with a notification. There’s even a bot function to practice actual conversation skills

Forest - Yeah your phone can also be a huge distraction from your studies. However, Forest can help you by motivating you to stay off your phone. The longer you avoid checking out the screen, the more points you get. Eventually, those points can be used to help grow actual forests.