Five Reasons to Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones Instead of New

There’s a big myth floating around in the minds of mobile phone users. That myth is that new mobile phones are the best, while used and refurbished mobile phones come an equal second. New mobile phones certainly have their place: if you truly want something fresh out of the box and are willing to pay a significant amount extra for it. But when it comes to practicality, price and quality, refurbished takes the cake. We’ve already touched on what makes refurbished better than used (read more about the difference between used and refurbished) and here we’re going to expel the myth that new is best once and for all.


1. The price is right

Okay we know that refurbished mobile phones in Australia are cheaper, but by how much? For a new model that’s still being sold by the manufacturer, you can get a refurbished mobile at between 20 and 50% cheaper. For a slightly older model that’s no longer being sold new, you can get refurbished for just a couple of hundred dollars when they would have been close to one thousand when new.


2. The quality is equivalent

Refurbished mobile phones have either been owned briefly and returned after first use, have been used no longer than the duration of their warranty, or haven’t even been used at all. They’ve then had their faulty parts, like damaged screens and scratched cases, replaced, then been checked and tested to ensure the quality is as good as new. Refurbished mobile phones also come with a decent warranty. With their next-to-new quality, it’s hard to see the advantages of new for the price.


3. Continue where you left off

So you’ve already had the experience of owning a brand new never-owned-before phone. And… you’ve lost it. Your hundred-dollar investment has disappeared into who-knows-where. You need a new phone, but hate the thought of paying the same amount all over again… This is a great opportunity to invest in a refurbished phone. You can pick up where you left off, literally, by choosing the exact same model for a heavily discounted rate, and continuing on the same plan. Refurbished mobile phones for sale certainly take the sting out of losing your prized possession.


4. You can’t let go

You’ve fallen in love with your old phone model and want to stick with what works for you. The manufacturer has just stopped selling this beloved model and you don’t want to brave new terrain. As we’ve learnt from history, new models aren’t necessarily the best, and sometimes we just yearn for our earlier faves. If you want a practically-new version of your favourite old phone, buy refurbished.


5. Refurbished is greener
You probably already know that electronics are not biodegradable, but did you know that e-waste actually harms the earth? Chemicals used in batteries and other electronic parts seep into the soil, and make their way into waterways and the environment. Recycling electronics saves resources that go towards producing more electronics, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption, and reduce landfill space which is becoming a big problem in our highly-populated world. Knowing all of this, and that refurbished are as good as new, why would you purchase a brand new mobile at all?